Idea #1

The story I’ve been wanting to write since I’ve been ten years old WILL be written in the month after the Cubs finally win their first world series since 1908. The angle will be how the victory ( or just sports in general) affects the spirits of a city, as well as sports fans all across the nation. Interviews:

Pub owner in wrigleyville
Can you explain the atmosphere of the day the Cubs became champions?
How has the win affected the community?
Has the win affected your business?

Citizen of Wrigleyville, preferably in their 20’s or 80’s and living on Addison
Can you explain the atmosphere of the day the Cubs became champions?
What does the win mean to you?
How did you celebrate?
How does this change the community?
Can you describe the power of “hope” to me?

Sox fan
Are you happy for the Cubs?
How does this change Chicago sports?
Will you go to cubs games now?
Did you participate in the celebration?

Yankees fan
What did the win mean to you, as well as other outsiders watching the game from their TV screens?
Was this game historic for sports? Why?
How does the overall nation feel about this win? Is it uniting?

One of those career long hot dog wrigley venders
How long have you been working at wrigley?
What was the atmosphere like in the ball park?
How did u feel at that moment?
How will this change your outlook on life?

Far-fetched sources: WGN radio announcer, former cubs player who’s on another team, current cubs player and family


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