Model Story #3
A story that I just came upon the other day is still sticking in my head. It’s not even published. It’s on some regular guy’s blog page, but it is beautiful. In “Promise Land,” Joe Posnanski relates his father’s life to Bruce Springsteen’s music. The story was featured on The Atlantic’s “Nearly 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism,” and it definitely ranks as my top three favorites.

What did you like best about the story? What did you learn from it?
The best part about the story is the way he used lyrics as transitions between Bruce’s life and his dad’s life. It was an extremely unique way to organize the story. I learned that comparing two situations need an effective transition.

What is the best source in the story and why?
There really are no sources, but the choice of song lyrics for transition was clearly thought out. Research was also thorough.

What was the best example of great reporting and why?
The analysis of all of Bruce’s songs was the best reporting in the story. It’s hard to analyze an artists work, and it requires a ton of background information on the artist’s life. Yes, the detail on childhood memories were great reporting as well, but the content analysis was much more impressive.

What other questions would you ask?
Can’t think of any others to ask because it’s more of a personal reflection.

What other sources?
Same answer as above.

Can you relate it to do a similar story for the Prospector?
I could not do a story as in depth as this one as I don’t really have a deep personal experience such as the author in this story. I can, however, relate music to my life.


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