Idea #3

My third idea would be a column on the pros and cons of technology. Pros would include easier access to education (especially in poorer areas) , increased communication among long distance friends, unlimited sources, difficulty to hide corruption, and more easels for creativity. Cons would include less human interaction leading to worse social skills, little privacy, pressure to constantly produce, cyber bullying, and originality/copyright issues. My original idea for this was a broadcast, but I figured it would be more of an artistic film rather than a journalistic film. Sources could be early child development psychologists and just regular students/parents.

If I went the artistic style:
bad side:
– clip of person texting missing:
the opportunity to help an injured person
a great part of the concert
walk off home run
a conversation with their grandpa
– clip of something to show cyberbullying
– clip of a group of friends sitting around texting
-clip of a person admiring the beauty of the mountains peacefully next to a person obnoxiously taking a picture
-clip of student scrolling through twitter on their ipad during class
good side:
– clip of army dad skyping family
– clip of technology in the classroom helping creativity through presentations
– clip of slideshow of pictures / people crying while watching it
– clip of baby learning new words on an ipad
– clip of person reading off the kindle on the beach

If I went the broadcasting style:
Questions to ask students/teachers/parents
– Do you think technology is helping or hindering our society?
-If you could bring Steve Jobs back to life, would you?
-What type of technology hurts us?
– What’s your favorite technology in matters of education?
-Do you think tablets have a place in the classroom?
-Are you going to/ Do you already put limits on your kids for their time per day with technology?


Idea #2

My second idea is a feature on the ever-growing high school phenomenon of the silent freak out that leads to hospitalization. I would conduct research by survey as I did in my current events feature from November. The first few questions would ask for severity, causes, and regular schedule of stress. The next would ask if home or school has provided you with effective means of dealing with such stress. Another would ask if that person has ever seeked help when overwhelmingly stressed. Another would ask how many people they know who have been hospitalized for depression/anxiety due to stress. A final would ask who’s to blame. I would try to get statistics for the number of hospitalizations over the years. I would interview with mostly anonymous sources as this is a sensitive topic. Mostly, I would just want to see if the majority of people blame school, parents, or society for this growing issue.

Questions to Interview annonymous sources (students, therapists, teachers if possible, parents)

1) What do you think Prospect (and District 214) is doing to try to prevent these depression/anxiety numbers from increasing?
2) What do you think is the main source of student stress?
3) Who is putting the stress on the student most: parents, the school, or society?
4) If they answered society: How/Why do you think this is becoming a societal issue?

Idea #1

The story I’ve been wanting to write since I’ve been ten years old WILL be written in the month after the Cubs finally win their first world series since 1908. The angle will be how the victory ( or just sports in general) affects the spirits of a city, as well as sports fans all across the nation. Interviews:

Pub owner in wrigleyville
Can you explain the atmosphere of the day the Cubs became champions?
How has the win affected the community?
Has the win affected your business?

Citizen of Wrigleyville, preferably in their 20’s or 80’s and living on Addison
Can you explain the atmosphere of the day the Cubs became champions?
What does the win mean to you?
How did you celebrate?
How does this change the community?
Can you describe the power of “hope” to me?

Sox fan
Are you happy for the Cubs?
How does this change Chicago sports?
Will you go to cubs games now?
Did you participate in the celebration?

Yankees fan
What did the win mean to you, as well as other outsiders watching the game from their TV screens?
Was this game historic for sports? Why?
How does the overall nation feel about this win? Is it uniting?

One of those career long hot dog wrigley venders
How long have you been working at wrigley?
What was the atmosphere like in the ball park?
How did u feel at that moment?
How will this change your outlook on life?

Far-fetched sources: WGN radio announcer, former cubs player who’s on another team, current cubs player and family